Sacco Accounts & Services

Below is a list of Accounts and Services we offer to our members.



Diaspora Trust Account

This Enables people living abroad to save and invest in secure and affordable properties in Kenya… read more >>


AA Education Account

This account Enables you to save and invest for your children education… read more >>


Fixed Deposit Account

This account allows you to fix money in lump sums in your account for specified period of time… read more >>


Chama Account

Designed to cater for both registered and unregistered groups… read more >>


AA Jiweze- Ability Account

This account is designed for the Physically challenged… read more >>


AA Student Account

This account is designed to encourage students and young persons to begin saving and investing wisely from a young age… read more >>


AA Mwalimu Services

Offers advice on investment opportunities to individuals and groups… read more >>