Diaspora Mjengo Account

Start Building NOW for 100US$ per week

Through the Angaza Builders Ltd , you have the opportunity to construct your own residential or commercial building stress free while still living abroad

Save a minimum of US$ 50 per week , by joining Angaza Afrika Sacco –

Join our Convenient Savings Plan

  1. All Risks Insurance – from AAA accredited Insurance in Kenya
  2. Appoint a Contractor from our Panel of contractors – registered with National Construction Authority
  3. Written authority – On the chosen Architectural design
  4. Member must sign the Bill of Quantity( This document helps a member the cost of the total cost of construction)
  5. Savings must be at least 40% cost of the construction- Before construction can commence.
  1. Approved Council Plans – Angaza Group shall obtain the approved council plans at your cost. It’s the sole discretion of the Council to prescribe the fee payable in line with the Kenya National Gazetted published fee.
  2. If a commercial building is your desire – Angaza Group shall procure the NEMA on your behalf at your cost
  3. A Bill of Quantity will be prepared by a quantity surveyor in the panel of Angaza Group at the your cost