Where we have come from

I did odd jobs as a construction manual worker and doubling as a matatu tout. After a while I became a hawker in Mombasa and Nairobi, for 10 years
I struggled a lot, before understanding , what the Power of saving meant – no matter the amount of income.
My first saving was Kenya Shillings 400/- ($4/-) per day, and over time I was able to accumulate Ksh 150,000/- ($1,500/-). With that I decided to buy myself a piece of land, in Thika, where I could settle my young family
To my dismay, I was conned. I was devastated, but I never gave up.


Martin Muriuki – Founder

Birth of Angaza Real Estate Ltd

As a result of that experience, I asked God to use me to help people buy genuine land, and HE led me to ISAIAH 60:1 – And it’s from there that the Angaza Real Estate was birthed – ‘Arise and Shine for your Light has come’.

Angaza Real Estate was registered in 2007, as a sole proprietorship. After five years , i.e in 2013, we had acquired enormous experience in real estate , and had a dedicated god fearing team. Its at that Juncture that we incorporated Angaza Real Estate into a Limited Company , under the Republic of Kenya , Company Act 486, with now over 16 branches across the Country.

God has been our senior most partner, and we always invite God in commissioning all our projects , so that he can bless everyone that purchases , and generations to come.
The grace of God , has been evident , to every one. For instance , those that purchased plots from Angaza Real Estate two years ago, in Makuyu, Muranga County and Konza techno , Machakos County for Ksh 25,000/- ($250/-) and Kshs 75,000/- ($750) respectively , have had the values of the plots appreciate to Ksh 300,000/- ($3,000) and Ksh 500,000/ – ($5,000) . This success has been replicated to the over 75 projects done so far.

Birth of Angaza Afrika Sacco Ltd

Majority of the people purchasing properties are low and middle income earners – because the prices are affordable , and have the option to repay in 6 months installments.
However, majority of these low and middle income earners, also had a strong desire to own Angaza, and were struggling to own the properties despite the low prices and flexibility to repay in 6 months installments – and Angaza Afrika Sacco Ltd was then birthed in 2014 , under the Kenyan Law , Co-operative Societies ACT (Cap 490)

As a result over 5,000 members bought shares of the Angaza Afrika Sacco Ltd – and became rightful and legal shareholders of the Sacco . More So, they got the opportunity to Save as little as Kshs 20/-($2cents) per day- and are now able to purchase properties at ease.

Through Angaza Afrika Sacco , lives have been transformed , and majority have been empowered , through , training and convenient and affordable financial access to do farming , purchase of boda boda (motorcycles used to transport passengers at a fee), and other business ventures.

Achievements of Angaza Group
  1. Provide homes to over 5,000 low and middle income earners-
  2. Given Hope to the disabled low and middle income earners , that their lives can be transformed and be empowered  through   savings at  Angaza Afrika Sacco
  3. Given hope to any Kenyan living abroad , that they have a home to come back to,
  4. Given hope to any investor both on Kenya and living abroad that they can undertake genuine investments that can take care of them even when they retire
  5. Angaza group has an elaborate Information System – where a member can access their information/statement, from their Mobile phones, and internet – and hence cultivating transparency.
  6. The Angaza group has provided daily bread to its  over 400 staff , both permanent and on contract.